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Los Angeles Fine Art Nude Photography Workshop with Robert Voltaire-2018

Enjoy 3 relaxing days in Southern California with photographer Robert Voltaire as he guides you through his process of shooting and editing fine art nudes.

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As a young man, i fell in love with the concept of shooting fine art nudes after seeing the work of Herb Ritts.  I marveled at the power and simplicity of the images he took and became fascinated with his sense of style.  I was also intrigued with the psychology behind his technique.  Here was a man who somehow was able to convince some of the world's most beautiful people to pose nude, and give him the creative freedom to create beautiful works of art.  This psychology, to me, is equally as fascinating as his unique vision.

Still, the question remained, how did he do it?

While I cannot speak for the late Mr. Ritts, I can speak from my own experience and in this workshop I will share my techniques approach to creating fine art nudes.

DAY 1 - Beach Nudes

When Spanish explorers first came to California, they were certain they had found the Biblical, Eden.  If you are a beach lover then you may agree. California is infamous for it's beach culture and there is hardly a better way to experience it than perfecting your craft and creating art in this scenic wonder.



We meet in the a.m. in Los Angeles and caravan together to my favorite beach to begin our journey.  Here the light is magic.  It is the light I grew up with. Together we will harness the sun, water and sand in a creative day of instruction. Although Southern California is known for it's beautiful light, shooting nudes at the beach can be very tricky, and  I show you exactly where I go and how I get it done.

After a brief demonstration, it is your turn to create.  It doesn't matter whether you are a beginner or have years of experience, this is our time to work together to build your portfolio and increase your skillset.

In the evening we will journey back to the hotel, and celebrate a "Welcome Dinner."  At this event, we will chat about your photographic goals and afterwards I would be happy to review your portfolio and give you suggestions to improve your work.

DAY 2 - Desert 

On the second day of our workshop we will meet up in the a.m. and head out to the California desert.  Once again we will study body positions, composition and how to use natural and artificial light in our work.  Here we will shoot a combination of fashion, swim and nudes.

Los Angeles Photography Workshop - Robert Voltaire


The images will be intimate yet tasteful.  We will further focus on expression, movement and how I go about creating a spiritual connection with my subjects. There is no coincidence that I churn out exceptional images shoot after shoot.  Many photographers have an idea of what they would like to photograph, but do not know how to achieve the results they would like. Here I will explain the key elements necessary to make sure that your quality exceeds your expectations.

DAY 3 - Studio/Post Production

The third day of our experience together will be the busiest.  We will begin our day shooting in studio.  Here I will demonstrate the lighting setups and techniques that I use to create the "Voltaire look."  It is important to see your model from a unique perspective and to learn how to separate yourself from your competitors.  There needs to be something there, that you can't quite put your finger on but elevates you above everyone else.

After our studio shoot we will take a break and then head back to our hotel for my post production class.  During this session I will answer any questions you have regarding my retouching techniques and how I go about getting the tones and colors I use in my work.

Los Angeles Nude Photography Workshop with Robert Voltaire

In the evening we will meet up for a "Farewell dinner."  Feel free to share any pictures you have taken on your photographic journey with me and the rest of the group.  In these workshops I have met photographers who are now lifelong friends.  Now is the time to celebrate where we are in this process.

I hope to have you aboard!


Robert Voltaire

*the weather in California varies and in the event that the temperatures are extreme and unsafe to work in Robert Voltaire has the right to change the itinerary location to ensure the safety of his students.